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Khakh construction specialises in loft conversations, adding another bedroom or any other type of room to your house we can help. Loft conversations not only provide additional space that you are looking for but also add extra value. The most apparent advantage of a loft conversion is that it converts dead space in your house into usable space. You can make your spare room into another bedroom, or you can get imaginative and make it a playroom for the kids or an office space for you.

Converting your loft allows you to install roof windows, which let even more natural light without being obscured by buildings or trees. Natural light has many advantages, including better sleep and mental and physical wellbeing. It also alleviates eye pain and nausea, all of which are often associated with fluorescent lighting.

Rooms in the attic, by far, provide a better look out their windows. This encourages you to take advantage of your place and admire views from your home that you previously couldn’t. You can also have balcony roof windows mounted that open out to allow you more space to stand. This is particularly beneficial if you live in a scenic environment, but it also helps those who live in densely populated areas because the space is unlikely to be ignored by neighbours.

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The distinction is how much you have to go to make it a fully functional living room in 99 percent of lofts. If you want to convert your current loft room, you’ll need at least 2.3m of head height from the top of the floor joist to the bottom of the apex. If you do not have the 2.3m height, there are still several options available, such as roof lifts. If you’ve been advised that you can’t turn your loft before, send us a call because we’ve solved this problem on several occasions.

It very certainly would. Instead of going, more people are opting for loft conversions. The biggest justification is
that it contributes up to 25% to the valuation of your house which is much less expensive than moving or an
alternate expansion.

There are several reasons why people would choose luxurious loft storage to standard floor boarding. The most popular reason is that they wish to use the loft space for something other than storage, such as a games room for the kids. Many people choose a place to work as a home office or to do their favourite hobby.

The distinction between converting a loft and making it a fully functional living room is how far you have to go. If you want to convert your current loft room, you’ll need at least 2.3m of head height from the top of the floor joist to the bottom of the apex . If you don’t have the 2.3m height, don’t worry; there are other choices, the most common of which is a roof lift.

In short, many lofts do not need zoning consent because they come into the category of “permitted construction.” Certain forms of construction are permitted under this umbrella as long as you do not live in a protected area or the building is listed.

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